Three Steps For Using Topsoil To Create A Better Lawn

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Three Steps For Using Topsoil To Create A Better Lawn

22 November 2016
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A lush, green lawn is the desire of every homeowner, but as someone who has just moved into a home with a neglected lawn, you have some work to do to bring it back to life. Spring is the perfect time to start repairing your lawn, as it is the season when all plants begin to grow again after the cold winter. However, there are a number of steps to take when it comes to adding new topsoil to your lawn. You need good-quality soil to help your lawn grow again, so these are three points you need to know.

Use Local Topsoil

When adding new topsoil to your lawn, it is best to add a soil that is close to your existing soil in terms of nutrients and texture. You may find that sourcing non-local topsoil gives you a product that has a different texture, so it may not work well with the local soil. Your local top soil supplier offers a product that will combine well with your existing home soil.

Plan Your Timing

Adding topsoil to your lawn needs to be done in measured stages. Adding too much top soil too fast will suffocate the lawn that is growing beneath it. Now that the lawn has started actively growing again thanks to the warm spring temperatures, it is the perfect time to begin adding top soil. Dormant grass goes into shock when the new soil is added to it, but growing grass can cope with the strain of soil being added.

Careful Spreading

When adding topsoil to your lawn, you must only add around 1 cm at a time, or else the weight of the soil will crush your existing lawn. The best way to spread the soil is to put some in a small bucket and walk around the lawn. Take one small handful at a time and fling it in an arc from your hand. Make sure the soil is dry before you start, as you don't want heavy mud to land on the growing grass. Once you have finished walking around the lawn you should still be able to see at least 75% of the grass blades. Repeat this process once a month until the middle of summer. You don't want to add soil past the middle of summer, as your grass begins to slow down its growth because of the intense summer heat.

By following these three steps, you can successfully add good topsoil to your lawn. This helps your grass to grow back thick and full, and your lawn will then be the envy of the neighbours in no time at all.

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