Types and Benefits of Cooling Towers

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Types and Benefits of Cooling Towers

16 December 2015
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Few people have heard about cooling towers, and even fewer people actually value their role in the industrial world. Their main function is far more important than it is credited for. In few words, a cooling tower is responsible for reducing the temperature of the water that is used by a company's other machines. But, why is this system important to the people working in this industry and why should they know about it? The towers' proper maintenance is more than necessary for the smooth operation of the other machines. Therefore, anyone, who works in an industry that uses cooling towers (workers and administration members), should be aware of how they operate. This way they can contribute in the towers' required maintenance.

1. Types of Cooling Towers

Several cooling towers are specifically designed in order to meet the criteria that are required for each industry. Therefore, before installing a cooling tower, it is vital for the administration members to choose which type is the most appropriate type, according, of course, to the requirements of the then industry.

  • Forced vs. Induced Draft

Fans are placed in both of these drafts. The difference between them is that cooling towers with induced draft have their fans on the top of the unit, whereas forced draft cooling towers have their fans located at the bottom of the unit.

  • Counterflow Cooling Towers

In these structures, the air is directed upward, following a vertical route that goes against the flow of the water

  • Crossflow Cooling Towers

Contrary to the counterflow pattern, these towers allow the air to pass horizontally. Consequently, the air follows a flow that is parallel to the water flow. 

The administration members should take into consideration the above information before choosing a certain type of cooling tower. This choice should be based on the company's productivity goals and surrounding equipment.

2. Benefits of Cooling Tower Use

The advantages of implementing the use of such system can be various, and it affects mainly the owners. The primary and most direct benefit concerns the financial aspect. As it was mentioned before, cooling towers prevent the overheating of other machines. As a result, a company's expenses can be significantly reduced, since its machinery runs smoothly and avoids overheating. In its turn, overheat prevention results in higher machine productivity and also reduces the maintenance costs.

Another benefit is that a majority of a company's equipment tends to last longer. Constant damages, even if they are minor, hold back the lifespan of any machine. Since cooling service is being distributed through these towers, the rest of the machines are most likely to present fewer attrition issues.  

The existence of a cooling tower can significantly reduce the development of bacteria in the water. The water that runs through many of a company's machines is being filtered frequently and, therefore, the biocide program runs better. It goes without saying that this way the microbiological control expenses of a company, along with its electricity costs, are significantly reduced.

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