Considerations To Make When Cleaning Out Your Septic Tank

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Considerations To Make When Cleaning Out Your Septic Tank

28 April 2015
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Do you own a septic tank that you want to keep clean, but are not sure what things need to be considered in order to go about the job the right way? Then take the time to learn the vital considerations that must be made when cleaning your septic tank. By doing so, you will be able to keep your septic tank working at optimal efficiency.

What Checks Must Be Done 

Every few months you should perform a general checkup of the septic system. Look out for foul smells, ponding of effluent, and the discolorations of the drains surrounding your septic system. During the checkup of your system, or at any time do not turn off the power to the septic tank in order to save money on your utility bills. That is because when the power is constantly turned off then the septic tank might become ineffective over time.


The sludge layer needs to be removed from the septic tank when it becomes wider than 3 inches. That is because if the sludge layer gets too big, then it will begin to spill out of the septic tank. Consequently, the polishing filter, percolation area and distribution box will be compromised. If the percolation area or the filter is blocked for an extended period of time then they will get damaged, and you will need to get them replaced. This is costly and can simply be avoided by removing the sludge layer on a regular basis.


The filters and percolation area must be checked to ensure that blockages are not present. Blockages can result in the system having to work harder that it needs to–this will eventually wear out the different components of the septic tank system. Some blockages can be cleaned out by breaking them down with chemicals; however, keep in mind that the chemicals can harm the efficiency of the septic tank with regards to cleaning the water–therefore only use small quantities of cleaning chemicals.

Keep a Record 

If you want your septic tank to last a long time then you will need to keep a record whenever you clean it. This will prevent a scenario where a year has gone by and you haven't cleaned it simply because you thought you did so a month ago. For an effective septic tank cleaning diary, write down what parts of the septic tank you cleaned up and when.

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