Is Your Air Conditioner Trying to Tell You It Needs Repairs?

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Is Your Air Conditioner Trying to Tell You It Needs Repairs?

20 January 2015
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Your air conditioner doesn't need to actually break down and stop working altogether before it needs repairs; in some cases, certain parts can be in the process of breaking and your unit may still run, but that part should be replaced as soon as possible. This article's information can help you to avoid higher repair bills down the road and ensure your unit continues to work uninterrupted. Here are some signs that may mean your air conditioner needs repairs and why it's good to address these repairs as quickly as you can.

1. When you hear grinding or loud bumping coming from your unit

An air conditioning unit may make a slight humming noise as the motor and fan work, but you should never hear any type of grinding or bumping coming from your unit. This typically means that a part inside the unit has come loose and is grinding against another part or that two parts are loose and bumping each other. Ignoring this problem can cause the unit to burn out altogether and result in even more damage to your air conditioner. Have these sounds checked out as soon as you notice them.

2. When you notice very uneven cooling through your home

Your upper floors may be slightly warmer than the ground floor of your home as heat rises. However, if you notice very uneven cooling throughout your home this is a sign that your air conditioner unit is breaking. The blower is not blowing cold air through your vents evenly or the wiring between your thermostat and air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. In any case, this problem can also get worse over time if you ignore it, and your unit can shut down completely.

3. If your unit consistently trips the circuit breakers

When an air conditioning unit consistently trips the circuit breakers, this usually means it's suddenly demanding more electricity for some reason. This often is a signal that the motor or blower are breaking down and they need more power to operate. Ignoring this problem can actually put your home at a greater risk for an electrical fire, as the breakers trip and shut down when there is too much electricity running along that circuit. An electrician can check your wiring, but it's good to check your air conditioning unit as well, especially if this is a new problem. Replacing the motor or blower can easily fix this problem and have your unit running optimally.

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